Ofrynio beach

 Ofrynio beach is only 95 Km away from Thessaloniki (a 30 min drive through the national road), 45 Km away from Kavala (a 20 min drive through the national road) and 5 min from Amphipoli (where you can visit the archeological museum of Amphipoli and archeological sites of great cultural value). Furthermore Touzla is 15 Km away from Asprovalta, 25 min away from the mud baths of Drama, 20 min from the hot Springs of Elephthere, 30 min from the cave of Alistrati in Serres and 30 min from the monasteries of St. Dimitrios and Eikosifinisa. Ofrynio can be considered the crossroad of East Macedonia in Greece, which connects the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Drama, Kavala and Serres.

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